Our Brands


"The dyras brand stands for reliable and safe goods at affordable prices."



Our brands stand for reliable and safe goods at affordable prices. Our products are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the markets. The current product range includes the following groups: household (especially kitchen) appliances, cleaning devices, heating and cooling machines, health care/wellness and beauty devices, and multimedia electronics.

Dyras-branded devices can be classified as B-brand, providing upper-middle class quality. They are clearly superior to C-brand devices in all aspects especially with respect to design, quality and after sales service. Moreover, they are very competitive with respect to price and cost when compared to A-brand devices, often even including A-brand features.

"The reliability and safety of dyras products is assured by an uncompromising Quality Management system.

All devices are thoroughly tested at least four times before they reach the customer and this quality assurance is reflected in the guarantee policy as well: most models come with TWO years guarantee instead of the usual one.


The other brands are up-and-coming exciting new brands of innovative home, DIY, gardening and lighting products at very competitive prices. The list of goods is constantly broadened and aims to cover all possible needs for your home and garden. The focus is on providing easy-to-use equipment which facilitates your day-to-day life with their innovative features. The current product range includes the following groups: Home Security, adhesives and garden care. An extensive lighting range is under development at the moment.